Hi, this is
Nicola Ricciardi


GlogauAIR, Berlin (DE)


Commencing in Italy, curator Roberta Pagani initiated an independent curatorial project called “Numbers”. The driving ambition was to invite young Italian and international artists to dialogue with private spaces with the purpose of creating site-specific exhibitions on a monthly basis. The project started in December 2011 with “N. 0”, and continued with a numbered show in ascending order in January and February 2012. For “N. 3”, Roberta Pagani  collaborated with Nicola Ricciardi, resident curator at Berlin’s Node Center, to stimulate the exchange and circulation of ideas on art and space beyond Italy’s boundaries.

Inspired by GlogauAIR’s mission to “create a meeting point between artists from all disciplines to work in collaboration”, the curators invited two young Italian artists – Elisa Barrera and Nadir Valente – to dialogue and interact with two resident artists – Samantha Donnely and Leo Babsky. The result was a joint site-specific exhibition focused on the hidden relations between different artworks which embodies reciprocal cross-references – both subliminal and explicit.

The exhibit, set in GlogauAIR’s Project Space, starts with Leo Babsky’s minimal, solid and concrete pieces and continues with the work of Nadir Valente, which transforms Babsky’s artforms in paper-made replicas. Paper is also a key element  in the work of Elisa Barrera, which uses the same medium but in a weightless way. Her ethereal drawings nonetheless include sensual references that anticipate both the collages and the sculptural practice of Samantha Donnely, whose materials-led approach closes the exhibition.