Hi, this is
Nicola Ricciardi

Faraway, So Close!

Fichtebunker, 7th Berlin Biennale, Berlin (DE)

An exhibition curated by Mazen’s Chief Curator together with the resident curators of Berlin’s Node Center for Curatorial Studies, which took place from April, 25th until May, 1st 2012 inside the Fichte-Bunker and formed part of the official program of the 7th Berlin Biennale. The show has been developed in collaboration with Grimmuseum, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, and Node, with fifteen international artists presenting their work inside the historically-charged space, offering the possibility to investigate “what we see, how we see, and who we are”.

The exhibition explores the structure of the bunker as a secluded space where we can investigate the gap between external reality and internal experience. The visitor follows a journey, which begins with introspection and inner questions, gradually leading outwards to the self in context with the world. Starting with intimate cells that put the spectator face-to-face with a particular artwork, the exhibition moves on to bigger rooms where art pieces approach thematics of social interactions and constructions.

The artists included in the show are: Mario Asef, Stuart Bailes, Ivan Bošković, Stephanie Comilang, Jenny Ekholm, Boris Eldagsen, Assaf Gruber, Brendan Howell, Gemis Luciani, Paula Muhr, Julian Oliver, Olve Sande, Elizabeth Skadden, Kasper Vang and Kim Westerström.