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Carnet de miart / official online magazine of miart 2015

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Curated by di Nicola Ricciardi, Carnet de miart is the official online magazine of the 2015 edition of miart, Milan’s International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair. Its aim is to offer a space for discussion on and around the production, conservation and circulation of art, with particular emphasis on the context of the fair and its main protagonists.

Once every two weeks, Carnet de miart presents essays, interviews, and images by artists, curators, collectors and cultural critics, accompanied by information, updates and previews of Milan’s art scene as well as the most noteworthy places to visit during, before and after the opening of the fair.

The contents will be organized into six columns:

editors’ desk, presenting comments, analyses and interviews on several topics by Vincenzo De Bellis, Alessandro Rabottini and Nicola Ricciardi.

about town, taking a closer look at Milan’s art institutions and spaces, with an analysis of their histories, programs, goals, and exhibition models.

there’s a place, showcasing significant spots in Milan—streets, bars, restaurants, public squares, exhibition spaces, archaeological sites—as seen and narrated by artists, curators, designers, and cultural critics who work or have worked in the city.

collected stories, featuring a series of interviews investigating the drive and motivation behind art collecting, and the reciprocal relationships (and feelings) between collectors and the artists they collect.

writing objects, including essays on art collecting as seen by those whose work is collected—artists, makers, designers—with a focus on the objects they would collect for themselves.

italian wallpapers, a series of commissioned artworks representing several artists’ interpretation of the topics discussed in the magazine. All images will be downloadable to be potentially used as desktop wallpaper: an ironic means of furtherer investigating the meaning of installing the work of an artist in a private space—as on someone’s personal computer.

Here’s a link to the editorial featured in the first issue of the magazine:



Picture on homepage: Massimiliano Gioni. Photo by Marco De Scalzi, Courtesy Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Milano for Carnet de miart